Olympic Day


Celebrated annually in conjunction with worldwide Olympic Day

and in collaboration with Olympism Project and the USOC.

Olympians, Public to Celebrate Olympic Spirit in Washington, DC

June 23: Olympic Day at Summer ICE Camp

Also (June): Skate of the Union / Olympic Day

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Shani Davis and other Olympians converge on RFK for "Skate to London 2012" at Skate of the Union.


Two-time Olympic Champion Shani Davis joins ICE Campers for virtual Olympic Day discussion.


ICE Campers celebrate the Olympic Spirit with three-time Olympic speedskater Nathaniel Mills.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan joins the first Olympic Day celebration at Summer ICE Camp.

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Inner City Excellence partners with the Olympism Project and the USOC to celebrate worldwide Olympic Day on June 23, birth-date of Pierre De Coubertin, a founder of the modern Olympic Movement.