Olympic Day


Celebrated annually in conjunction with worldwide Olympic Day

and in collaboration with Olympism Project and the US Olympic Commitee.

Olympians, Public to Celebrate Olympic Spirit in Washington, DC

June 23: Worldwide Olympic Day Festivities - TBA

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Shani Davis and other Olympians converge on RFK for "Skate to London 2012" at Skate of the Union.


Two-time Olympic Champion Shani Davis joins ICE Campers for virtual Olympic Day discussion.


ICE Campers celebrate the Olympic Spirit with three-time Olympic speedskater Nathaniel Mills.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan joins the first Olympic Day celebration at Summer ICE Camp.

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 Inner City Excellence partners with the Olympism Project and the USOC to celebrate worldwide Olympic Day on June 23, birth-date of Pierre De Coubertin, a founder of the modern Olympic Movement.