Ice Skating

Winter is Coming...

- REGISTRATION  [Closed] -



WINTER:   January - March

Wednesdays:   2:00-4:00 pm *

 Fridays:           2:00-4:00 pm * 


Saturdays:   2:00-4:00 pm *

           * NOTEDrills/Games only if/when permitted by CP manager

For information about Canal Park Rink's new daily After-School program (4-6pm), visit: 


Winter: $150 / $300 (5/10 classes)

 - includes Admission and skates -

- Transportation available (added fee)

1st-8th Grade (age 6 & up)

Balance - Stamina - Focus - Fun!


 "Skating on the Hill"

FALL (Sept. - Nov.) /  SPRING (April-June)

Watkins Rec. Rush Rink

Other SY23-24 Programs

Winter ICE Camp  - Full-day (ice skating)

Spring Camp  - Full-day (inline skating)

Summer Camp - Full-day (inline & ice)

DC-ICE Skating Events (Ice)

Dec. TBA:  Kids On Ice Races at FDIA

Feb. TBA:  DC Open Speed Meet  

March TBA:  Annual ICE-a-thon