Training Olympians in Life!

 SY 2017-18

Saturday ICE Academy

**** Returns Sept. 2017 ****

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ICE Academy
an innovative out-of-school-time program for children ages 6 to 12.  Rooted in the universal principles of Olympism -- Respect, Joy in Effort, Fair Play, Non-violence, Service --  ICE Academy introduces students

 Exciting Athletic Activities
 Excellent Academic Opportunities
 Enlightening Artistic Experiences

In collaboration with the international Olympism Project, and working in partnership with other local youth development programs, ICE Academy instructors coach youth to become Olympians in Life by:

 Strengthening the Body  Focusing the Mind  Nurturing the Spirit

Through a combination of after-school tutoring/mentoring and a rigorous Saturday enrichment program, ICE Academy students receive instruction in the following athletic, academic & artistic disciplines:

 Ice & Inline Skating Eastern Arts (yoga & tai chi)
 Communication (computers)
 Math & Science (chess, ice sci.)
 Health & Nutrition

ICE Academy students are served by volunteer mentors from Banneker, School Without Walls, Wilson, Gonzaga Prep, Georgetown Day, and other DC high schools.

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